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I'm a composer for theatre though I also write stories, articles and songs.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Berlin: The Open Music Laboratory

Classes re-start in January 2017!
Headteachers: Ben Osborn, Rachel Margetts, Chad Matheny

Want to record your band? Make a beat for your lyrics? Learn interesting software? Open Music Lab Berlin is a free, weekly session for people interested in learning about music technology. For two hours every week you can have access to hands-on learning time using recording equipment and music software. Workshops will be included in these sessions exploring methods to record, sample, amplify and compose your sounds.

مدرسة تكنولوجيا الموسيقى المفتوحة

هل تريد تسجيل موسيقى فرقتك؟

تلحين كلماتك؟

تعلم احد البرامج؟

مدرسة تكنولوجيا الموسيقى المفتوحة تقدم حلقات مجانية لكل المهتمين بتعلم تكنولوجيا الموسيقى اسبوعياً.

كل اسبوع ولمدة ساعتين يمكنك استخدام معدات التسجيل وبرامج الموسيقى المختلفة.

الورش سوف تحتوي على تعلم طرق استخدام العينات الموسيقية وطرق تسجيل وتضخيم وتأليف الاصوات.

يمكنك حضور اول ملتقى يوم الاثنين القادم الموافق 6 يونيو من الساعة 6 مساءً حتى 8 مساءً في العنوان التالي:


مدرسه آزاد تکنولوژی موسیقی

آیا می خواهید آهنگ های گروه خود را ضبط کنید؟

آیا می خواهید برای ترانه های خود موسیقی و ضرب آهنگ تنظیم کنید؟

آیا می خواهید با نرم افزار های جالب موسیقی آشنا شوید؟

مدرسه آزاد تکنولوژی موسیقی به صورت هفتگی و رایگان برای افرادی که یاد گرفتن تکنولوژی موسیقی علاقمند هستند،

برای یادگیری بهتر هر هفته برای مدت دو ساعت به تجهیزات و ابزار ضبط موسیقی و نرم افزارهای موسیقی دسترسی خواهید

برگزار می شود.


همچنین کارگاه هایی در این مدت برگزار خواهد شد که روش های متفاوت ضبط آهنگ، نمونه سازی، تقویت و تولید موسیقی

خودتان به شما آموزش داده خواهد شد.

در اولین جلسه ما که روز 6 ماه "جون" از ساعت 18 تا 20 در آدرس زیر برگزار خواهد شد شرکت کنید.

Die "Open Music Lab"
Machst du Musik oder hast eine Band und möchtest eure/deine Musik aufnehmen? Brauchst du einen Beat für deine Texte? Hast du Lust, spannende Software kennenzulernen? Open Music Lab ist ein kostenloser, wöchentlich stattfindender Kurs für Leute, die mehr über Technologie und Musik lernen möchten. Zwei Stunden die Woche könnt ihr euch an Aufnahme-Equipment und verschiedener Musiksoftware ausprobieren! Die Unterrichtsstunden umfassen auch Workshops, in denen ihr gezielt an der Aufnahme, dem Sampling, Verstärken und der Komposition eurer Ideen arbeiten könnt.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

first nininbaori gig: DadA in Berlin, 7th Feb.

nininbaori have arrived!
our first performance will be at the DadA in Berlin Festival, celebrating 100 years of dada, at ACUD in Berlin this weekend.
more info here
to hear the other half of nininbaori, check out yr lovely dead moon

Sunday, 3 January 2016

prester john

(marvel comics depiction of Prester John)

A footnote on researching monsters for some new text for Josephine... the letter of Prester John, c.1165:
Our land is the home of elephants, dromedaries, camels, crocodiles, meta-collinarum, cametennus, tensevetes, wild asses, white and red lions, white bears, white merules, crickets, griffins, tigers, lamias, hyenas, wild horses, wild oxen, and wild men -- men with horns, one-eyed men, men with eyes before and behind, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, pygmies, forty-ell high giants, cyclopses, and similar women. It is the home, too, of the phoenix and of nearly all living animals.
Our land streams with honey and is overflowing with milk. In one region grows no poisonous herd, nor does a querulous frog ever quack in it; no scorpion exists, nor does the serpent glide amongst the grass, not can any poisonous animals exist in it or injure anyone...
A hoaxed letter describing a Christian kingdom in the East. It was, as Umberto Eco points out in Serendipities, used as justification for Western expansion for several generations. Created a kind of quest narrative for Christian invasion. The land is suitably mythical sounding; really, a beautiful example of the power of list-making. There is something of the Medieval bestiary tradition (itself modelled on a classical tradition) to that list. See how the collective imagination, even when its eye is political, looks encyclopaedic. Plutarch:
...the Divinity does not hate variety and changes, but takes great pleasure in them, as one may conjecture by the circuits, conversions, and mutations observable in the heavens...

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

now showing in Bristol

very pleased to have made the soundtrack and written the songs for this hilarious play that's currently selling out every night at the brand new Wardrobe Theatre in Old Market, Bristol.

Monday, 12 October 2015

ghost opera

"ghost opera" is now on tour.
script by Fellswoop & me
music by Josephine & me

more info here

Friday, 18 September 2015

audrey (a choral ekphrasis)

by Josephine Stephenson
text by Ben Osborn
performed by The Portrait Choir
National Portrait Gallery, Sept 18th/19th

written for the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon

"The text was written as an ekphrasis on Audrey Hepburn, perceiving her solely through a multiplicity of images. Looking at them it can feel, in time, like we are getting further and further away from the person beneath: we are shown, instead, a striking face and body both manipulated and manipulating, a framed gaze that draws attention to our own, a looped image that distorts as it is magnified.

The music was written as a direct response to the text, giving it precedence and striving to reflect its content: it is characterised by having a circular shape at both micro and macro level (small looping circular cells as well as an overall Rondo structure), while its mellow harmony occasionally tends towards eeriness."

- JS & BO