Friday, 22 February 2013

the boy who kicked pigs returns

Very excited that Kill The Beast's The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, that had an amazing & critically acclaimed initial run in Manchester last year, is coming to London in a matter of weeks to play at the famous Jacksons Lane theatre, before heading up to Edinburgh's Pleasance this summer.

I'm editing the tracks at the moment. The soundtrack was composed primarily on an old casiotone keyboard, which had a gloriously editable sound though produced mad amounts of hiss and kept switching itself off. The score was composed after listening to a lot of old Hammer Horror soundtracks, as well as loads of Bernard Herrmann, who is kind of the master of simple, unresolving diminished melodies and harmonies that swing between disconcerting & lush - I'm always trying to do that...

This was what working on the score back then looked like - note the League of Gentleman box set, their music was another key inspiration -

After watching a runthrough last Sunday, this is what working on it now currently looks like -

You can hear a bit of the music in this teaser trailer - but more importantly, you can see a snippet of the show, which is a really well-written black comedy, created by a group of great performers complimented by fantastic design:

Get your tickets here -

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