Wednesday, 7 August 2013

goodbye psychedelia; hello child soldiers, love letters, self-determination, insemination, shark mutilation...

This is just a quick snapshot of where things are at.
(the Ablutions cast and crew after the last show of the tour, in Chippenham)
Goodbye Ablutions. It was a glorious, strange little tour; probably the show I've felt most personally attached to since way back when we did By the Bog of Cats at university. Lots of amazing reviews, one award, and currently booking our tour next spring.

In the meantime, this is what I'm doing at the moment:
Like Enemies of the State - Be Frank Theatre - a new show about child soldiers in the DRC, based on the playwright's own journey there - on in Stockholm this month and in London in the Autumn; I've just started working on the compositions and sound design.
Touched... Like A Virgin opens in Edinburgh next week. I'm won't be there with it, but my arrangements will be and I'm in the rehearsals this week as Musical Director.
As understudy to their excellent Musical Director/Songwriter, I'm joining Kilter Theatre's The Last Post at Towersey Festival this month.

Kill the Beast's brilliant The Boy Who Kicked Pigs is doing great up at Edinburgh at the moment - great audiences and reviews. It features lots of music by me, with help from Joe Campbell; another work that feels quite close to my heart.

Timezone Theatre's stark, radical take on Taming of the Shrew starts rehearsals this week for their run in London next month. I've just joined them as composer/sound designer.

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