Thursday, 11 November 2010

By the Bog of Cats documentary

Tegid Cartwright, whose E.P. I reviewed on the first day of this blog, has produced a lovely little documentary about By the Bog of Cats..., a play that a group of Warwick students took to the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough. I was in the play, and was director of music: I composed a load of themes and then got some awesome musicians (Jenni Mellor, Will Kerr, Tegid himself [though he wasn't playing with us in Scarborough], Oliver Steadman [you might know him better as the bassist from Stornoway], and Rosie Bristow) to rework them, add their own ideas, change things, etc. It did very well there; universally good reviews and a string of awards including the Festgoers Award (voted for by the attendees of the festival as their favourite performance, which it won 'by a landslide') and the Cameron Mackintosh Award for Music in Theatre.

The documentary is not completely finished yet, but Teg's put it up on his blog as he wants comments and feedback to help him tweak it.

It's a nice bit of nostalgia for me, but I think it is also quite a nice insight into how music and theatre can be made to work together. It is also extremely embarrassing, and I would like to find a way to avoid filmed interviews in future.

Various theatre projects are in the pipeline, and I'll be posting more about them soon.

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