Sunday, 5 December 2010

further things and furthering things

Paul Klee - obsessed with light and colour, and he used to design the insignias on the wings of planes in the first world war. Biplanes? Hope so.

The Biplane, such as it is, and it kind of isn't - observantly you might have noticed that November is over; the novel isn't over, it's exactly 1/3 finished - but such as it is or isn't, is about Dante's ideas about light, in a way. More on this later... but I think light is quite interesting, well obviously light is quite interesting.

Paul Klee is part of it, pretty much everything is part of it. As a piece of writing, I want it to be like something real rather than fictional, I mean like something that could actually happen even though it is impossible and, worse yet, impossible to explain. It's split roughly into a blog, complete with emoticons, and a third person narrative, occasionally directly addressing the reader, and then footnotes that are from one of the character's diaries. So far there are only two but they are the best things in it.

Anyway I have a few days off from The Wind in the Willows, which is going quite well, there is a lot of music in it, which you can have if you like, but writing is a bit difficult again. So I found some nice things; well a lot of things have helped anyway: China Mieville's blog, which is such great writing and such a great use of the internet, The Fanclub (whose floor I'm sleeping on) being played on Radio 2, a book on Paul Klee I got for £2 in a charity shop including this print
, the discovery this morning that Donald Barthelme, whose writing I only know by hearsay from Will Kerr's song 'Die By The Seaside' which we've been gradually turning into a sleeping passengers track I think, has written about Klee's aeroplane painting job in the war, being introduced to the existence of Blackpool manager Ian Holloway (I know nothing about football, really), reading Dante's Vita Nuova (which does get a bit boring in places but is kind of great), coming back to Josh and Lewis and Alex's flat last night in the cold and dark and discovering that they were watching Iron Man with Iron Man 2 queued...

Dear Diary, how are you?

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